Strictly Selected Household Maifan Stone Non-stick Pan, Fried Egg Pan, Stir Fry Pan, Multi-purpose Breakfast Steak Small Frying Pan

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Maifan Stone Non-Stick Pan with Lid Household Frying and Frying Pan with Wok Japanese Style Small Wok Induction Cooker Gas Stove General(Size:19.68 inches Long x 3.54 inches high)

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    This is a description of a type of pan that is made of maifan stone and is non-stick, meaning that food should not stick to the surface when cooking. The pan can be used for frying eggs, stir frying vegetables, making breakfast dishes, cooking steak, and other similar dishes. It has a flat bottom and is relatively small in size, making it suitable for cooking individual portions.


    Our company has passed the US FDA certification, CQC certification, and ISO9000 certification. We are committed to providing customers with professional advice and services, using harmless, non-polluting, renewable and environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing food safety, and pursuing overall product quality.


    Accept customers to customize their own logos and patterns. However, there are requirements for the minimum order quantity.

    Product Parameters

    Product name Strictly Selected Household Maifan Stone Non-stick Pan, Fried Egg Pan, Stir Fry Pan, Multi-purpose Breakfast Steak Small Frying Pan
    Model number BC1102
    Type: vegetable slicer
    Material plastic and stainless steel
    worktype Multiple blades available
    Color customized
    blade high qulity stainless steel
    Handle plastic
    Brand Name: OEM
    Coating Healthy and Eco-friendly coating
    MOQ 50 pcs
    Sample free sample,  shipping fee only
    Payment term T/T, L/C,Credit cardare accepted, other payment negotiable with each other
    Delivery time Most of models and colors we have enough quantityin stock. This is why our MOQ is so low, Please confirm with salesman before placing an order.
    Customized Based on your needs, we can develop new sizes shapes and colors, including the type of lid you need. You can ask for samples from the salesman, and you can also ask for an up-to-date catalogue, which is convenient for you to choose the model and color you need in the future.
    Place of Origin: zhejiang, China
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