What is the material of the coating of the non-stick pan, is it harmful to human health?

Non-stick pan according to the classification of non-stick coating, can be divided into: Teflon coating non-stick pan and ceramic coating non-stick pan

1. Teflon coating

The most common non-stick coating in our life is Teflon coating, scientifically known as “polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)”, is an extremely stable man-made polymer, does not react with any material, any strong acid strong alkali can not help it.
At the same time, PTFE is the smallest coefficient of friction in the solid, the lowest surface tension, so the high lubricity and high non-stick makes it is widely used in non-stick cookware, solving the problem of sticky pans that have plagued the public for many years.
The only drawback of PTFE is that it is not resistant to high temperature, and it will start to volatilize when heated over 260°C and start to liquefy at 327°C. Is the non-stick coating harmful to human body? Will it cause cancer? Has been a hot issue of public concern, in fact, we don’t need to worry about, for the following reasons.
First of all, the family frying, the highest is only seventy to eighty percent of the oil temperature, about 200 ℃, is not enough to destroy PTFE; even if you really burn the oil temperature of ninety percent hot, you should be worried about the harmful effects of burnt dishes, not Teflon volatile.
Studies have found that in the case of more than 400 ℃, PTFE volatile gas harmful to birds, there is no evidence that it is harmful to humans, the World Health Organization also only classified PTFE as a class 3 carcinogenic substances, that is, no evidence of harmful, the same classification of substances such as caffeine, hair dyes.
What is more likely to cause panic is the additives PFOA and PFOS in the production process of PTFE in the past, which are classified as carcinogenic substances in category 2B. The movie “Blackwater” is about the harm caused by the discharge of PFOA into the river.
However, the melting point of PFOA and PFOS is only 52 ℃, the boiling point of 189 ℃, as mentioned earlier, the non-stick pan high temperature sintering process can exceed 400 ℃, PFOA has long been burned out, and PFOA has now long been banned in most countries, we are also committed to BETTER COOK all products do not contain PFOA.
Therefore, you really do not have to worry about Teflon non-stick cookware will bring health problems, rest assured that the use of

2. Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is not a non-stick coating made of ceramic, it is a coating made of inorganic minerals and polymethylsiloxane fusion, the advantage is safer than Teflon, more resistant to high temperatures (450 ℃), the appearance of plasticity is stronger.
However, the non-stick ceramic coating is much lower than the Teflon non-stick pan, and very easy to fall off, the service life is very short, if the ordinary Teflon non-stick pan available for 1 year, the ceramic non-stick pan can only use 1-2 months, the cost is extremely low, BETTER COOK is not recommended.





Post time: Nov-10-2022