How to cook tamago-yaki in a non-stick frying pan?

List of ingredients
5 eggs 5g chopped green onion 3g salt

Cooking steps

1: Beat 5 eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and mix well. Use an egg whisk or chopsticks to fully whisk the eggs until they fall apart. This step can also be done by straining the egg mixture through a sieve, it will be smoother, then add chopped scallions into the egg mixture and stir well.

2: Pour in a small amount of oil over medium-low heat, and when it is warm, pour in about 1/5 of the egg mixture, spreading it evenly over the pan until it is semi-solid. Roll up from right to left, then push to the right, continue to pour 1/5 of the egg mixture to the left, turn the pan until evenly semi-solidified, roll up from right to left, then push to the right.

3: Repeat the above steps about 5 times in total.

4: After frying, take out, cut into small pieces and serve while hot.


1. If you are not very good at frying eggs, you can add a little starch to the egg mixture so that it will not break easily when frying.

2. At first, you only need to pour in a small amount of oil, if you like it lighter, you can leave out the oil, because the effect of non-stick pan is better than the general pan, you can leave out the oil.

3. The number of repetitions depends on the amount of egg mixture

4. It is best to use non-stick frying pan to make tamago-yaki , Easy to cook, simple. If use the other pan must pay attention to the whole open small fire, slowly, must not wait until the top of the egg mixture is also cooked before the volume, do not worry about the egg mixture is not cooked, thick egg burn is to egg soft and tender taste.


Post time: Nov-10-2022